About Us

We are the ones who thrive in the shadows & let our work speak for itself. We want to be connected without putting ourselves in the position of making the connection. We are those who recognize ourselves as something the world doesn't. INTRVRTD came about as a way of being fully self-expressed without ever saying a word. Let what you wear communicate your being.

  • Things

    Being human is already hard enough. We like to see good in the world and we want to be a part of that feel good feeling without ever being the face of it. It's as simple as that.

  • To

    Swag is our medium. We don't do this to get rich & famous. We're intrvrtd after all. The purpose is to give back to our communities and see a positive, lasting transformation for generations to come. You'll always be a part of the positivity in the world when the energy you put out is the one you like to receive.

  • Consider

    It's not about being antisocial, it's about having the internal battery charged enough to get out there and get it. Now let's all get it together.

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